HashPE NFT Market Place

Simple, fast and efficient

How It Works

Sell your NFTs (Digital & Physical)

Mint NFT

Connect Wallet, Create List and Mint NFT with HRC-721 Contract. HPE will be used to transact

Sell NFT

List the NFT for Sale with iUSD Token Price and handshake Transactions with Buyer


Despatch your Products and Get iUSD token for your products, Escrow is enabled for benefit of stakeholders


Keep minimum of 0.1 HPE in your Wallet and Transaction Fee apply [0.1 iUSD or 5% of transaction amount]

Buy NFTs (Digital & Physical)

Buy NFTs

Browse NFTs available, Connect Wallet and Buy whatever you want. Keep the sufficient balance of iUSD in your Wallet.

Release Payment

Once You received the product from Seller, Release Payment to the Seller. Escrow is enabled for the smooth transactions


Once Release Payment is done, the NFT will be transfered to Buyer for resale and iUSD will be transfered to Seller


Keep minimum of 0.1 HPE in your Wallet and sufficient balance in iUSD, otherwise the transaction could not be processed.

NFTs Listed
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